Naturally Craft is an art and craft factory outlet and online store dedicated to natural and sustainable balsa wood and craft products. In particular, we provide environmentally friendly craft supplies for those who are conscious of their impact on the planet.

Naturally Craft - natural and sustainable

Naturally Craft - natural and sustainable craft products

Your Idea, Your Creation, Naturally.

Launched in early 2016 by the team at Auszac Pty Ltd. Naturally Craft understands the importance of environmentally friendly craft products. Therefore, we only use Auszac EcoBalsa wood from sustainable plantation-grown in Papua New Guinea. Not only is balsa wood a renewable resource but this timber is non-toxic and safe for all craft projects and creations. You can trust us knowing that balsa wood has been harvested with sustainable methods.

Of course, some of our earliest products are based around our easy access to balsa wood. Firstly, with our newly purchased laser machine, we created some basic balsa wood craft shapes and projects. Subsequently, we increased our range to include natural twins, cotton and burlap bags, laser plywood and accessories. Finally, we increased balsa products to include a greater range of raw blocks and logs.

Above all, we want to encourage you to bring your creativity to life by supplying the products that you need for your arts and crafts projects!