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Paint Your Own Coasters

Paint Your Own Coasters

If you've ever wanted to add your own sense of style to your home, a very simple and quick way of doing it is by painting your own designs onto coasters. Not only do they look good and stand out, finishing them also increases their durability.
As an example, these square coasters have been finished off a with a Burnt Orange paint that compliments the oriental decor of the home:
The supplies that you'll need:
  • A paint brush.
  • A base to paint on.
  • Some sandpaper if you want to smooth any edges.
  • For a natural look, use clear varnish or furniture polish.
  • For a slightly darker natural look, use wood stain.
  • And for bolder colours, use either craft paint or spray paint.

The process:

  • Use a paper plate or other base to paint on.
  • Sand any edges if you want a smoother look.
  • Paint with varnish or paint.
  • Leave until dry!


So it's incredibly easy to personalise coasters, and it doesn't take long either. If you've painted your own designs or have any suggestions, please contact us at as we'd love to hear from you!


Happy painting!




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